Are Google Business Reviews Important? 5 Reasons Why

Written by Daniel Kohl
on 09 Oct 2019

Like it or not, consumers trust others’ opinions more than what you say about yourself. This is why there are so many reasons why Google business reviews are important for your business.
As a marketer or business owner, this can be disheartening. As we spend so much time and money into controlling the message we publish on behalf of our brands, we need to remember to monitor the words spoken, beyond our control. Because word-of-mouth may be more important than your marketing efforts, in its own way. 

Looking from a psychology point of view, the principle of social proof from the Six Principles of Persuasion to boost conversion by Robert Cialdini, speaks volumes.

It’s the influence on individuals’ buying behaviour based on what others are doing around them. For example, if it’s obvious others are using a product, then the individual is more likely to use it, too. 

From here, you can see the importance which Google reviews (and other review-based platforms) and social media play in influencing purchase behaviour. 

With this in mind, a 5-star Google review is incredibly valuable. Yet beyond this, you can imagine how having many 5 star Google reviews can benefit. 

In this article, we’ll look into how you get to this point. Covering the question, why are Google business reviews important.

Note: reviews can only be submitted once you’ve created a Google My Business profile. 


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Boost brand trust through legitimacy 

When asking why are Google business reviews important, the easiest place to start is with the perception which they offer.

Without a doubt, being seen as legitimate, transparent, an industry leader and an unignorable industry option are important. They’re important because they go hand-in-hand with being a trusted figure within your sector. 

And Google business reviews help you get to this point. 

With transparency becoming more important for consumers, greater emphasis is being placed on it. The good thing about this, is that deciding to receive more Google business reviews, you’re setting the business up to become more transparent. 

This is purely through increased information available. Because what transparency is, is just more available information to a customer to make an informed decision. And Google business reviews do just this.

This transparency will then turn into trust. Boosting the potential for conversions. 

A stat to back this up is, today 64% of consumers are likely to check Google business reviews to help determine the quality of a business.


Laptop showing the Caffeinate Digital reviews on Google

Provides feedback and public communication

Like social media, Google business reviews are excellent for understanding your audience, their thoughts and desires in your business. 

The feedback loop available through Google business reviews (and social media) is invaluable for a manager or business owner. 

Of course, no business owner wants negative reviews. And unfortunately, there’s no way to delete a review as a business owner of a person who’s posted a review (there are a few examples of owners who have deleted fake account reviews, but the process is unclear without taking-it-up with Google). But not-perfect reviews can be great areas for you to look at your business in a non-bias way. 

This is because a Google review can give you information like what you’re doing well and gaps in which you can improve.

A great way to look great despite not receiving a 5-star review is through a killer response strategy. 

This means, making sure you’re visibly reaching out to each reviewer. After a 5-star review, it’s easy; you can say a big thank you. But after one which is not a 5-star review, make the effort to get them on your side by trying to make it up to them; ideally getting them to change their negative review. 


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Increase SEO visibility 

In recent years, SEO has become more of a concern for business owners. This is because of the increased competition, forcing owners to get technical. 

And Google business reviews can help you do just that. 

The complex Google algorithms mean the business which best manipulates their webpage are more likely to be number 1 in Google for certain search terms and keywords. And reviews can play into this, even if just a little bit. 

This is in several ways. For example, if your Google My Business page has reviews attached to it with a link back to your website, the algorithm can recognise this extra information. This extra piece of information means that it’s another small piece of the puzzle which contributes to your search ranking. 

Another way in which reviews can help your SEO ranking is through embedding your reviews on your website. Google loves when brands link back to their services and Google business reviews are no different. So by embedding your Google reviews onto your website, you can potentially add yet another piece to your SEO puzzle.


Note: SEO is no science. Because SEO is more of a set of best practices instead of rules, even if you do every SEO best practice in the book, you’re not guaranteed top spot.

Increased CTR and customer conversion

A great way to increase CTR to your website is to begin to use Google business reviews as something of a lead magnet. This is because reviews on your Google My Business page show up when people search for your business or industry in a certain area. 

For example, if we were looking for a cafe in Perth, we’d search for “cafe in Perth”. Here, a list of cafe options will display, including their reviews, proximity, opening/closing hours and more. It’s here where just having a Google My Business page set up and ready to receive reviews, that you can direct traffic to your website to continue selling your product, service or idea.

Once you’ve gotten the potential customers to click through, it’s now up to your search engine optimised website to finish the job and get the conversion.


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Helps influence potential customers in AdWords campaigns

Implementing Google ad extensions are an essential component when running AdWord campaigns. This is because, without adequate AdWord extensions, your ad can look bland, lacking information and lazily done. 

A great feature in AdWords is to showcase your Google business reviews as well as the number of reviews you have acquired. This means by implementing the Seller Rating Ad Extension, a review of yours can be featured on your ad campaign.


Google My Business - Phone app


How to display your Google business reviews

Including Google My Business in your content marketing plan is great for businesses. But it isn’t always as easy as just setting up your GMB profile to be ready to receive Google business reviews on your page. 

At some point, you’re probably going to want to show off all your amazing reviews on your website. But how do you do that?

Well, it’s simple as there are many different tools to display your Google reviews online. 

It’s as simple as choosing the best plugin for you. There are many to choose from. Such as the Everest Plugin, Easy Google Places Review, WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews and more. 

For simplicity’s sake, Google Reviews Widget may be the best for you as it’s free and has great reviews. 

All you’re going to need to do is style it into your website and implement.


Take action

When asking “are Google business reviews important”, in short, the answer is “yes”. There are many reasons to start a Google My Business profile for any business. Being able to receive reviews and implement the above benefits is only one reason. 

But what a reason it is.

Once your Google My Business page is live, you can begin to ask your customers for feedback. In turn, allowing you to leverage all of the information you’re able to receive. Everything from simple tips to help you, running ads, your SEO and more. 

Not only this, but you can engage more thoroughly and genuinely with your audience. And this is always welcomed by customers. 

For more information about how you can engage more with customers, moving them seamlessly along their customer value journey, contact us today. We’re always interested in hearing your story and helping you along your journey as a business owner.

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